Project development of renewable energy sources

Until End of 2021 the Portuguese Government Support you with up to 4.000 Euro per Project!

It's Time to rethink! 

We support you in the time of the energy transition that affects us all.

Fuels are becoming more expensive. Assuming that energy demand will increase globally by 2.2% per year, as it is currently. We will only have these resources until the end of the century: natural gas supplies (38 years) and oil (30 years). Anyone can imagine how this will affect the prices on the Azores. The Nature provides as with Wind and the Sun endless and free energy! And on Boats for always Full Batteries at Sea, because it's for our Safety and Comfort!

And for years, the cost of photovoltaic has dropped! Now it's the 3 Generation of Solar Panels on the Market. The Development will not make big steps anymore. The investment costs have fallen, Photovoltaic modules are 75% cheaper and 1/3 more efficient since 2006! A Photovoltaic is not just for environmental protection, you can even make money from your investment. This means you can receive money from EDA (Electricidade dos Acores) for each kilowatt hour that your Photovoltaic feeds into the public grid.

About us...

"'Fair paid employees, technical know-how and high quality standards its our identity.''




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We are Member of a Community of Companies, and we can offer our Clients a network of Professionals. 

And our Contractors provide us with high quality solar modules and solar systems. 

This guarantees high quality and comprehensive manufacturer warranty.

And, we are environmentalists we believe that economic work and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.

Why? we are 150% behind what we do.

Each installed solar panel is a small step towards to a self-efficient Azores

That is important to us personally.

That is why we would like to take as many steps as possible in the right direction with you.