What is photovoltaic?

Photovoltaic produces electricity directly from sunlight. The electricity generated is used directly, the unused electricity is supplied to the grid. For example your electricity meter runs backwards during the day. The alternative would be to store the remaining electricity in batteries.

What is "1 kW"?

1 kW stands for 1000 watts, which is the power (electrical energy) that your photovoltaic system will produce on a sunny day.

How much kW do I need?

To operate a solar system efficiently, the production must be 1/3 more than your current needs. 

For example:

3kW = TV + Computer + Fridge

4kW = TV + Computer + Fridge + Freezer 

6kW = TV + Computer + Fridge + Freezer + Air Conditioner 

+10kW = Commercial use or Electric Car

Can solar panels work in cloudy weather?

The photovoltaic system produces electricity even on cloudy days. It is photons in sunlight which is produce electricity. Solar panels will be just less effective in heavy cloudy as they would in direct sunlight. 

How much space is needed?

The Standard size is of a Panel is 1956x992mm / 375 Watts

You will also need 1m² on a wall for the inverter/Battery charger

Batteries, if you choose to have them installed, will need 1m² Tesla powerwall.

What do I have to invest?

Typical for single and two-family homes are plant sizes between 3 - 10 kW. The sum of the investment of a fully assembled system is between € 3,500 and € 16,000. including the IVA.

Ordering Process 

  1. 70% deposit 
  2. Material is ordered Delivery time in Azores 1 to 3 months
  3. Roof stability is checked, if necessary, the roof is reinforced. 
  4. Goods will be delivered, assembly work 2 to 4 days. 
  5. Maintenance is not required, but a 2 year control is provided. 

How long does a solar system last?

The solar cells themselves have an almost unlimited duration. All parts of the system are designed for very long and maintenance-free use. Most manufacturers guarantee over 80% efficiency after 30 years.